Saturday, June 4, 2011

App of the Week: Storyrobe

***All iPod touch, iPad and iPhone app reviews on this site are ones that I use with my own children or to integrate technology into my classroom. The apps I recommend are all available at the app store, are high quality and very useful from an educational and a parenting point of view.***

As a 21st Century teacher I have the responsibility to not only teach the 3 R's (Reading, wRiting, aRithmetic), but also the big T-technology.  My students work regularly on grade appropriate learning programs and through those learn to use basic computer components like the mouse and the keyboard and to navigate computer functions such as save and print.  This satisfies the kindergarten and first grade expectations but I always try to go a step further and do some sort of digital storytelling project.

In the past I have used digital cameras and programs such as Powerpoint, Movie Maker and even SAM Animation.  The result has been consistently great.  The problem?  I am the one using the technology.  My five, six and seven year olds simply to not have the skills to use these programs to produce a quality product without a heavy, heavy dose of adult support.

Enter StoryRobe! It is a simple, effective, movie making and digital storytelling tool for the iPod designed for children to use.  For the very first time, my students have been able to create a technology based product completely on their own.  They take the pictures, they record the audio, they create the movie, they are proud of the results!  

For any teacher trying to use technology in a real way with their young students, I highly recommend this app!

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