Friday, February 26, 2010


I'm on my second go round of being a stay at home mom.

My first was Zoe. She'll be three in a couple of weeks. I stayed home with her for five months and loved every minute of it. She was an easy baby as long as she was moving or being held. Since it was just she and I, I held her as much as she wanted. We went on walks for hours, we attended every Mommy and Baby class we could find, and we napped together for hours. It was a wonderful, magical time.

And then I went back to work.

But now Kid number 2 has come along and I am home again. And it is a very different experience. We have a schedule and we stick to it. Sammy is as happy and mellow as you could ask a three month old baby to be, but preschoolers are not. Zoe is no exception. Outings are sacred...naptime even more so. But this time, I put the big one to sleep in her room, and the little one doesn't need me to hold her and rock her all day. She actually likes her baby gym. She loves laughing at herself in the mirror. She likes watching me do my thing, and if I'm not right with her she amuses herself. And then falls asleep. Weird, I know.

So this time around I have time. Time that I have been filling keeping the house clean and watching brainless TV shows. But I'm bored of that. And Elmo in not providing the mental stimulation that I need so here is a blog. I hope you enjoy it!