Wednesday, June 15, 2011

App of the Week: Scary Mommy Confessional

***All iPod touch, iPad and iPhone app reviews on this site are ones that I use with my own children or to integrate technology into my classroom. The apps I recommend are all available at the app store, are high quality and very useful from an educational and a parenting point of view.  When you buy through this site you can feel good knowing you are supporting your local blogger!***

Well, the headliner above isn't exactly true this week.  I don't use this with my children.  This is not for my classroom.  This is not at all useful from an educational point of view.  As far as parenting...very useful.  For your sanity, that is.

Scary Mommy Confessional is like Facebook.  Except anonymous.  It's funny.  And sad.  And mean.  And strangely comforting.  It's all the things you want to say on Facebook, but don't.  It's all those things that you were afraid you were the only one feeling.  Or doing.  You can "like", "hug" or OMG, me too!"  It's the answer to your Mommy angst!