Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Who Needs the Gym?

According to an anonymous person hopefully smarter than me:

"1 square mile is 640 acres, and if square has a perimeter of 4 miles.  40 acres is 1/16 of that. If square in shape, it is 1/4 mile on each side, and has a perimeter of 1 mile, or 5280 feet."

By my figuring...

When I took my kiddos to Storyland on Monday, my local 35 acre little kid amusement park, I would have walked a mile from parking lot, around the park, back to the car.  Add on the long Cinderella's castle...three times.  Quarter mile.  Then in and around and back and forth waiting in lines.  Another quarter mile.  All this while pushing a stroller packed with at least one child, lunch for four, a diaper bag, and enough soda, juice and water for the day.  Given that my beast of a jogger weighs about 35 pounds, my lightest kid is 20 pounds, and we brought a lot of hydration, I walked that mile and a half pushing between at least 40, at times 95 pounds.  Not a terrible workout. 

Now for the interval training.  Running after the escaping toddler with a mind of her own...half mile in short sprints.  Lifting children on and off rides...biceps and triceps, about 10 reps.  Getting necessary items out of bottom of stroller...squats, at least 50.

Aerobic exercise?  The Bamboo Chutes, Polar Coaster and even the Teacups sure got my heart rate pumping.

There you go.  Who needs the gym?  I shelled out the cash for a season pass, I'll get a great workout at least twice a week!

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