Monday, February 25, 2013

Super Healthy Green Eggs

Dr. Seuss's birthday is coming up soon!  Why not make some Green Eggs and Ham with your little ones?  Rather than simple scrambled eggs with green food dye, whip up these easy green eggs for a super healthy, super tasty treat.  My guys like this so much that we don't wait until March 2nd for green eggs, it's a dinnertime regular!

Crack a couple of eggs into your blender.  We use a "Magic Bullet", but any blender will do.  Add in the green veggie of your choice.  Fresh spinach makes a great green, but we have used frozen broccoli and peas as well.

Blend it up, and you get a pretty green liquid.  The more veggies you add, the greener it gets!

Put the rest of the eggs in a bowl and add in the green.

Whisk it up...

...and scramble!

Serve with a thickly sliced piece of deli ham. There you go.  Easy, peasy super healthy green eggs.  As you can see, my Sam-I-Am approves!

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