Saturday, April 2, 2011

Diet for Dads

My husband subscribes to Men's Health. 

Monthly it arrives with it's cover promises..."getting fitter, looking leaner, eating better, etc."  While I'm sure that Clay reads those articles, I'm pretty sure he actually gets the magazine for Jimmy the Bartender's expert advice.  He also tends to leave it open to pages that say things like "77% of women consider great lingerie to be very important".  OK, honey...noted.

Not that I mind this subscription.  The men in Men's Health are quite easy on the eye.  I'd not heard of Georges St. Pierre before, but now think perhaps I should become a Canadian mixed martial arts fan.

I'm sure the "No Sweat Cardio Plan" is fantastic and would whip whoever tried it right into shape.  I'm sure "Leveraging Your Leg Power" would help you win your next 5K.  I'm sure "Good Food.  Fast." is delicious, easy and healthy.

I have a plan to add to next month's Men's Health.  Guaranteed to shrink your gut in 30 days, improve your leg strength and balance, and will absolutely improve your relationship.  It's easy to follow, and easy to do multiple reps every day.  Here it is...

1. Stop and look down.
2. Bend
3. Pick Up
4. Put Away
5. Repeat until the room is clean

Five easy steps to abs of steel.

Simple.  Maybe your wife will even pick up on the hint and buy some new lingerie.

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