Tuesday, April 26, 2011

Great Free iPod Apps This April

I teach a combined kindergarten/first grade class, and had some technology money to spend this past fall.  I opted to get a few iPods for the classroom and have been on a quest for great, educational apps ever since.  There is a lot of junk out there, and can be difficult to wade through and find the quality apps.

I came across the apps from a few months ago and have been absolutely loving them.  When I learned that they were free for the month of April in honor of Autism Awareness month, I was psyched and downloaded them all.  I use them in my classroom for a number of targeted reasons.  They are fantastic for my students on the spectrum, for my students having difficulty processing information, and for my students who came to school without a lot of background knowledge.  I also use them with my four year old daughter to entertain, educate and get her ready for school. 

What Rhymes? reinforces a very basic kindergarten and first grade learning goal, one that is essential for learning to read.
ABA Problem Solving Game – What Rhymes? -

There are several that help to develop critical thinking and problem solving skills.  As a teacher, I struggle with getting my students to think outside the box and solve problems on their own.  As a parent, I want to send my child to school with this skill so she can be successful.
ABA Problem Solving Game – What Rhymes? -
ABA Problem Solving Game – Which Does Not Belong? -
ABA Problem Solving Game – Which Go Together? -

There are also many that target "Receptive Identification".  Receptive Language is the ability to understand what is being read or said.  Giving a direction such as "Put away your toy", then having the child put the toy away is receptive language in action.  Having this skill as absolutely essential for success in school.  Children who have a hard time understanding directions can be mis-labeled as having a behavior problem. Getting better at understanding and answering questions can help a child with all aspects of their education.
ABA Receptive Identification -
ABA Receptive Identification - By Function -
ABA Receptive Identification - By Class -
ABA Receptive Identification - FFC Combined -
ABA Receptive Identification - By Feature -

Finally, they have a large selection of flash cards, featuring photographs, a clear speaking voice and classical music.  I was surprised about this my student LOVE these.  All of them.  They sway to the music and repeat the words to themselves and their friends. 
ABA Flash Cards - Alphabet -
ABA Flash Cards - Zoo Animals -
ABA Flash Cards - Actions -
ABA Flash Cards - Fruits & Nuts -
ABA Flash Cards - Earth Science -
ABA Flash Cards - Things You Eat -
ABA Flash Cards - Vehicles -
ABA Flash Cards - Things You Wear -
ABA Flash Cards - Things You Play With -
ABA Flash Cards - Vegetables -
ABA Flash Cards - Emotions -
ABA Flash Cards - Shapes -
ABA Flash Cards - Famous Places -
ABA Flash Cards - Sports -
ABA Flash Cards - Musical Instruments -

Enjoy!  And let me know what you think!

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